So happy new year friend my name is manas And in today's blog we will talk about big tech related topic of 2020. Really the year 2020 is not good for many people excluding me because i really learn many new things but what about your comment on .
All big event this year
  1. At first it is Play Station-5 it is really brilliant release but this now Indian’s are waiting for it for specification you can see my website about it here .
  2. Second is iPhone 12 every one was waiting for it from a long time but actually apple disappointed me for specification you can see my website about it here .
  3. Third is tik-tok, PUBG and 250 chine app i think it was necessary but really it shock the app users.
  4. Forth is cyberpunk 2077 really if you don't know about it then i tell you that it is a game for which people were waiting from a long time but disappointed people. Fact => it take about $330 million USD for making this game.
  5. Fifth one is 5g ya it is a big release as now we are moving to 8k video and for that we need fast internet which 5g will give.
  6. Sixth one is best one Jio has announced free 5g phone and apple has removed charger from phone really .